Principals at Anchor Engineering Inc.

Eric A. Hanson, P.E.
University of Colorado, Boulder
B.S., Civil Engineering, Structural Emphasis

Eric takes pride in his ability to serve clients at the highest level. This includes solving complicated problems through innovative solutions that are feasible and affordable. A believer in customer service, Eric leads by example and truly delivers superior service.

Eric’s experience includes structural design and management for large scope projects including large warehouses, multi-story commercial buildings, parking garages, churches, retail buildings and single and multi-family residential structures.

Eric has design experience in a wide variety of building materials ranging from light wood and heavy timber to steel, concrete (cast-in-place, tilt-up and pre-cast), and masonry. His experience includes forensic engineering of various structures from single-family homes through large civil structure such as hydraulic lock gates serving commercial waterways.

Patrick J. Kervin, P.E.
University of Colorado, Denver
B.S., Civil Engineering, Structural and Geotechnical Emphasis

Patrick brings a unique combination of experience to the leadership team – as a glazer and an experienced practitioner in the fields of geotechnical and inspection. Patrick demands high standards in day-to-day operations and ultimately the services provided.

Patrick’s experience lies primarily in structural design, with projects varying in size and complexity from single-family residences to multi-story office buildings and research centers. Patrick has experience working with varied materials including light and heavy timber, steel, concrete (cast-in-place, tilt-up, and pre-cast), and masonry. This includes post-tensioned and slab-on-ground foundation systems.

Prior to joining Anchor Engineering Patrick worked as a glazer for one of the largest glazing companies in the Front Range. This experience provides Patrick with a unique perspective and ability to translate a two-dimensional design into a successful execution in the field.

David A. Poe, P.E.
University of Colorado, Boulder
B.S., Aerospace Engineering
Masters, Civil Engineering, Structural Emphasis

The resident rocket scientist, David is highly analytical, yet never loses sight of the big picture. He is a gifted communicator and project manager, committed to advancing the team’s technical abilities.

David’s experience includes structural design of a large number of projects, varying in size and complexity. These include single-family residential through large commercial, industrial, and multi-story structures. Structural materials include: light and heavy timber, steel, concrete (cast-in-place, tilt-up and pre-cast) and masonry. David has extensive experience in the design of timber structures, including heavy timber trusses, glu-lam arches, etc.

An industry expert, David has generated and produced professional design aids for a leading manufacturer of engineered lumber products.