Our Team at Anchor Engineering Inc.

Anchor Engineering Inc. currently employs twenty five staff members including three principals. Our team is comprised of ten licensed professional engineers (P.E.), eleven engineering interns (E.I.), two drafters, and two executive administrative assistants.

At Anchor Engineering, our employees share in our success with a compensation and benefits package that includes life and health insurance, holidays, vacation time, sick pay, and a number of additional benefits designed to increase security and enhance quality of life. We are committed to compensating our staff commensurate with their level of performance and competency.

Company Values:

  • Customer-focused service
  • High accountability standards
  • Strong relationships of trust
  • Effective use of systems and processes
  • Support for innovation
  • Performance-based compensation and reward programs
  • Employee commitment
  • Fully-empowered employees
  • Commitment to learning and skill development